Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 04Aug2015: Shut up and dress up

Sorry, I had to crop you out, guys.

Last week we played a little dress-up at the office with our team. Our work environment isn't really known for strict corporate-style dressing and people normally go with comfort that's unfortunately beset by a dire lack of imagination. So a colleague brokered the idea of dressing up as a team, where the ladies must wear a dress and the guys must put on a tie, maybe even a coat. I don't know but the last time I tried bringing back the tie was in February, and I haven't worn one since.

For some inexplicable reason -- and quite surprisingly -- everyone agreed to it, including treating the whole team to coffee and pastries in case of non-compliance. I guess people secretly wanted to dress up after all.

Very nice, right? The building, I mean.

And so this was my ensemble: a blue suit with white micro-dots, a pink shirt underneath, and a red and black diagonally striped tie. Pink goes well with blue and red goes well with pink.

Wearing a shirt with French cuffs, I also had the perfect excuse to wear cufflinks -- with a matching tie bar to boot -- which weren't very subtle in terms of design. I felt a little blinged out and Kwittiegirl said I looked a bit 80s with them. Haha!

While I previously wore sneakers with this suit, I embraced leather this time, opting for brown. Brown arguably looks better than black, at least in most cases. However, I dialed down the formality a bit by picking boots, and not just some boots but boots with some metal half-cuff slapped onto them. At least I didn't look too formal for a rather casual working environment. And oh, though I forgot to photograph it, I wore red socks underneath.


Now watch me strip, watch me nae-nae...

And now for some industrial contrast. I used to have a lot of photos taken here. I missed this spot.

Of course we had to take some group photos...

f2015-08-04 21.40.38
Someone commented this reminded her of a photo from the defunct TV series Friends. Are we friends?

Suit (H&M); shirt (Raoul); tie and belt (from SM Dept. Store); cufflinks and tie bar (scored on eBay); boots (Rajo Laurel for Milanos at SM Dept. Store).

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  1. Love this business attire, it fits you like a glove :D



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