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GADGETS | The Ausdom M05 Bluetooth over-ear headphones

A friend and former colleague recently gave me a Bluetooth headset to try, which I found weird because I'm no tech blogger. He was serious, though, so I gave it a shot. Besides, gadgets are part of our lifestyle and I thought I could come up with something from a lifestyle perspective. So here goes.

ausdom m05 01
The Ausdom M05.

The headset he gave me is the Ausdom M05. Ausdom what, you say? Don't worry, I've never heard of it before either. But everything's about to change pretty soon as the brand is steadily gaining ground in the market, buoyed by positive reviews and its very competitive pricing. It's still not officially available in the Philippines, though, but will be very soon.

The Ausdom M05 is a handsome-looking piece of audio gadgetry. Despite sporting an all-black hue, it manages to escape being boring because of the variety in its textures and finishes. To me it's got just the right combination of matte and sheen. The product looks sturdy enough, too.

ausdom m05 02
The M05's extendable arms allow it to fit just about any head.

Functionality and comfort
The M05 fit my head perfectly. With its extendable arms and 180° rotating ear cups, I bet it will do just the same on any other head. The rotating ear cups sure come in handy because they help me adjust where I'd like the headband to rest on my crown without ruining my hair (yeah, like I have a lot of hair to style in the first place). The ear cups are very comfortable and large enough to fit my ears. Cushioning is great and I don't feel any fatigue despite prolonged listening sessions.

While freedom of movement is probably one of the best comforts a pair of Bluetooth headphones can offer, the M05 has a wired option for you just in case. That cable, though, doesn't look very sexy, so I don't really bother with it at all.

There are a total of 6 different control buttons on this headset, 3 on each ear cup, for power, volume, play/pause, and back/forward. The buttons are a bit stiff to the touch, however. And since I usually fumble with them anyway while I'm wearing the headset, I simply turn to my phone if I need to adjust anything.

There's also a built-in microphone to support hands-free calls.

ausdom m05 03
I did say the ear cups can be rotated, right?

I'm certainly no expert here but I believe I can safely say that the sound quality of the Ausdom M05 is great. It's clear and crisp, and the bass is noticeably deep and powerful. The aptX CSR technology definitely delivers and I'm enjoying fantastic sound even with YouTube videos and music streaming.

I was told the sound is supposedly slightly better with the cable but I'm already happy with the wireless option. That said, why even bother with wires?

Call quality is also good over the M05, which I've tried several times already. Just don't forget the headphone's noise-canceling capability because I often catch myself speaking in a rather loud voice when receiving calls. I haven't tried calls while outdoors yet, particularly in windy and noisy environments. The microphone supposedly powers-out background noise to deliver crisp calls.

Battery life
The M05 promises 20 hours of playing and talking time and a whopping 250 hours standby time. Although I haven't diligently tested whether those promises are met because I simply enjoy my time every chance I get to use the headphones, they're probably true, or at least close. What I can say is that battery life is indeed long and that so far I don't have to charge the gadget that often. Looks like its use of Bluetooth 4.0, with its low-energy technology that addresses unreasonable power drain on Bluetooth devices, is working after all.

Charging takes about 2 or so hours and then you're good to go.

ausdom m05 04
No fatigue observed with the M05 despite prolonged listening sessions.

The M05 -- and any other Ausdom device for that matter -- are not yet officially available in the Philippines, so we don't know yet for how much they're going to sell it here. A little birdie, however, told me it will be at Php 4,699.

In hindsight
Considering its impressive functionalities and battery life, wireless and hands-free convenience, and of course fantastic sound quality, the Ausdom M05 is a winner in my opinion. And as long as it follows that competitive price point it has introduced in several other markets worldwide, then this device is poised to shake things up in the local headphone arena.

For more info on the M05 and other Ausdom products, you can check out the following:
Official website:


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