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LOOKBOOK | 30Oct2015: My name is Luca

halloween luca shark tale 01

Hello, my name is Luca. Yup, Halloween stuff at the office yesterday. Our HR decided on a movies theme for everyone and reps from each floor drew lots for our assigned film. We got Shark Tale (unfortunately) and I dressed up as Luca.

Luca who? Shark Tale? I know, nobody's heard of the movie, let alone Luca. Unlike last year when I was Voldemort for Halloween, whom everybody knew of course from the Harry Potter universe, Luca is practically a nobody. Anyway, this is how he looks:

Photo source: Dreamworks Wiki.

I know it's hard to pull off an animated character and I never really believed I could fully transform into this octopus. I also didn't have much time and just went for a makeshift version of this villain sidekick.

So I wore my Voldemort robe from last year, threw a green tulle around it, and put a beanie wrapped with a piece of the same tulle on. Applying some green face paint was not much of an effort, a far cry from my Voldemort makeup transformation. For my tentacles I wrapped some newspaper in garbage bag, two with wires inside. Due to time constraints I no longer bothered with suction cups. Two were tied around each of my arms while the rest were tied to my legs.

That would do, I thought. Besides, it was more than enough to scare some kids.

halloween luca shark tale 02
Not very octopus-y but this would do.

halloween luca shark tale 03
In the film Luca was a sidekick who was always with the shark mob. A shipwreck served as their lair. Yes, we have a chandelier down there. And oh, I play the piano.

halloween luca shark tale 04
Soon enough the shipwreck became boring and I swam into shallower waters, jellyfish behind me.

halloween luca shark tale 05
At the whale wash. Sorry, our whale got deformed by the horde of kids who visited.

halloween luca shark tale 06
Trick-or-treating was over and the office was all cleaned up already but I wasn't ready to part ways with my costume just yet.

Halloweens at our office are always tiring but fun, something I look forward to each year. And with this year's edition all over, it's another long 365 days of waiting for the next one.

Meanwhile, this is how an octopus does the "pabebe wave:"

halloween luca shark tale 07

Happy Halloween!

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