Friday, November 20, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 19Nov2015: Always with you


This was what I wore to the mall yesterday. Keeping it casual and relaxed, I simply went with shorts and a tee. It may be subtle--not big of a deal even--but rolling up the hems gave the shorts a rather fresh take.

The tee is but one of many Uniqlo x Line pieces that I have. That store is such a trap that every time I find myself inside, I always end up leaving with something in hand. Besides, how can I resist the cute duo of Connie and Brown from Line? I'm not sure if they're restocking, though, as I haven't seen Line merchandise for some time now. Anyway, look how cute they are in their onesies!


For footwear I opted for a pair of Sanuks. I was anticipating a lot of walking, so I had to wear something comfortable. In terms of accessorizing, I kept it minimal with a ghost bead bracelet, a gift from a colleague.

All this green and brown -- yes, I look like a tree.


Happy weekend, y'all!
T-shirt (Uniqlo); shorts (Bench); shoes, er, sandals (Sanuk); bag (Gouache).

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  1. Simple but elegant...nice shorts...I think I will just wear shorts when I will go vote for the President of the Philippines
    in May. The weather might be very hot that time of the month...


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