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LOOKBOOK | 03Dec2015: Captain Hook

lookbook captain hook 01

After my slight pirate-inspired outfit last week, I went on full pirate regalia for a Christmas party last Thursday as Captain Hook. It was as if Peter Pan's nemesis rose from the ranks or something. Who knew pirates also lived in a world of meritocracy?

It was a movie-themed costume party and our first time with our colleagues from the mothership for a joint celebration. We had to dress up as a group and were given the freedom to pick our movies. We first toyed with the Filipino historical biopic Heneral Luna but less than a week into the event, we shifted to Hook, the Steven Spielberg-helmed reinterpretation of Peter Pan as a grownup.

No surprise, I was assigned to be Captain Hook.

lookbook captain hook 02
lookbook captain hook 03
lookbook captain hook 04

I had no idea where to find the right red coat for Hook and I wasn't too keen on spending either. Then I saw how the one-handed pirate looked in TV's Once Upon A Time and thought maybe I could find a few pieces from my closet to put on a costume. Of course I couldn't really replicate the look but at least I found an inspiration--plus I didn't have to wear a silly wig.

First up, the pants. Aside from the slim cut I thought the stud accents around the waist and along both outer legs were perfect because they instantly add some bling to the whole look. They've been hanging in my closet for quite some time now and I have never worn them until the party. I guess it was the right time.

Next, the shirt. I don't have a pirate shirt although I would buy one in an instant if ever I see one. There's just something about it that I'm attracted to. I'm not sure if it's the blousy fit or what but to me there's an innate swag to it. Now what I did was forget about the shirt and instead go for a drapey black cardigan, worn without any shirt underneath. I had to show a little bit of chest after all.

Now the jacket. With no lengthy trench or coat to play with, I made do with a gray military jacket. I thought the buttons and accompanying details could stand in for those found on Captain Hook's own coat. I wore it unbuttoned.

It has always been my desire to own a pair of knee-high boots but unfortunately I haven't come across one, let alone an affordable one. So I contented myself with these short boots that I already have.

Pirates are known for their outlandish bling, so I tried keeping up. Good thing Kwittiegirl got me this half-face necklace a while back. Then I scooped out all my rings and tried everything that can fit all five of my fingers. As for the hook, I got a piece of wire, wrapped it in newspaper and foil, inserted the other end through a paper cup, covered the cup with a piece of garbage bag--and voila!

And let's not forget about the eyeliner and eye shadow to complete the look.

lookbook captain hook 05
lookbook captain hook 06
lookbook captain hook 07

Now meet my squad:

lookbook captain hook 08

And the whole gang:

lookbook captain hook 09

Apart from the costumes, each group had to present a 1-minute (minimum) cheer, skit, or dance number. Well, we basically acted out the movie's summary, complete with Peter Pan's transformation from lawyer Peter Banning to well, Peter Pan.

And with that, our group won the grand prize. I was also runner-up to Buzz Lightyear in the male individual category. Not bad for putting together a look solely from items in my closet.

Now off to the next party.
Drapey cardigan (; pants with studs (H&M); military jacket (Urban Outfitters); boots (Aldo); accessories (various).

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