Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 09Dec2015: Yuletide preppy


Sorry for cropping you out, ladies. But what's with all the ladies behind me anyway? Well, someone had this idea to hold a group photo the day before our department Christmas party--and that we had to wear preppy clothes. So out with all the plaid, sweaters, and what-have-you did we!

Me, on the other hand...


Suffice it to say that I took preppy to a Yuletide direction. I mean, what to do with this Christmas sweater I got on a whim? I've never really imagined I'd own such a sweater but when I saw it at Forever 21 a while back, I just found it so cute. Aside from the pop-out reindeer nose, it's got tiny sleigh bells, too. I know it's not a good investment clothing-wise but at least I found an occasion other than Christmas day itself to wear it. (Update: I got to wear it again for our New Year's family portrait wit the cats!)

Underneath it I wore a white shirt with the collar popped out. Because it's round-neck, I didn't bother with a tie anymore. I really won't show anyway. And consistent with the holiday spirit, I wore red pants, then camel brogues to complete the look. And oh, some nerdy glasses, too.


Just a few more days to go...
Sweater (Forever 21); shirt (Celio); pants (Uniqlo); shoes (Zara Man).

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