Saturday, January 2, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Tough and mushy

halfwhiteboy 01

Clearly I'm holding on to the last two days of the Holidays. It's gonna be all over soon and I'll be back to work once again. Oh well.

Anyhow, I just got back from a short vacation with Kwittiegirl. It was nice to be able to go someplace and enjoy a much cooler climate even if it was just for a few days. And of course it was the perfect excuse to wear a coat. It's a much welcome relief for someone who has to live with temperatures between the high 20s to 30s (Celsius) every single day.

halfwhiteboy 02
halfwhiteboy 03

We arrived on the evening of Christmas Day itself. The weather was perfect and I was loving the moderate chill nipping at you. I've worn this military jacket a couple of times already, the last time was when I put together a Captain Hook costume for an office Christmas party early last month. Ironically, however, I've never worn it outdoors and it felt right as I sauntered around town that evening.

I paired it with black jeans and these high-cut shoes from Native. Underneath the tough exterior, though, I was all cute and mushy. I mean, just look:

halfwhiteboy 04

It's one of my many t-shirts from the Uniqlo x Line UT collection. I simply cannot resist the cuteness whenever I see one in their stores. Wearing it underneath a military jacket provides a nice surprise once you're indoors and you take the coat off.

Meanwhile, I'm missing this harbor front view:

halfwhiteboy 05

Indeed, love is sweet. Have an awesome 2016, y'all!
T-shirt (Uniqlo x Line UT Collection); jeans (Uniqlo); jacket (Troy Smith); shoes (Native Shoes).


  1. Sounds like it was wonderful! I am definitely still holding onto the holidays as much as possible. It is always a little sad to go back to the same old routine.

    1. definitely. but unfortunately we all have to :(


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