Tuesday, April 26, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Batman on the beach

halfwhiteboy batman shirt beachwear 01

I've been down for a week and have just been discharged from the hospital yesterday. Bummer, I know, but life goes on. As I'm psyching myself up for my return to work tomorrow, I'm trying to have nothing but good vibes. I'm even thinking of when I can make another trip to the beach while it's still summer (*wink wink*).

halfwhiteboy batman shirt beachwear 02
I'm Batman.

halfwhiteboy batman shirt beachwear 03
No, I'm the Joker.

halfwhiteboy batman shirt beachwear 04
Okay, Batman.

This was from a few weeks ago, where I took another old piece from my closet for some sun, sea, and sand. The swim shorts are not too loud in color and up close, you'll see it's patterned. For this spin I simply paired it with a Batman v Superman promotional tee (I'm Team Batman, of course!) and a hat I picked up from one of the vendors hawking their goods along the beach. I didn't care that everyone was practically wearing the same kind of hat there (I kid you not); it just felt right.

And then off I went walking barefoot in the powdery white sands of Boracay...

halfwhiteboy batman shirt beachwear 05
halfwhiteboy batman shirt beachwear 06

T-shirt (promotional); swim shorts (Speedo); hat (from local vendors on the beach).


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