Friday, June 24, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Summer wedding feels

halfwhiteboy summer wedding outfit 01

As if there's a wedding in the first place! Second, unlike countries in the West where summer weddings are a thing and attendees wear anything from seersucker to lightweight suits--usually in lighter shades--there's really no such thing here in the Philippines. There's just weddings. And it's practically summer all year round.

But I felt like I was attending one with my outfit.

halfwhiteboy summer wedding outfit 02

Okay, so it was our big boss's birthday and we had this little surprise for her. The guys played a little dress-up, too. No surprise, while everyone else was content with wearing the requisite white shirt and tie, I added a lightweight blazer to my ensemble. It's not a suit; it's not even lined.

Funny, though, how my getup looked like I bought it as a set even if it wasn't. I got the blazer months ago, thinking I would wear it for the warmer weeks ahead but I got sick, so I never got the chance. Besides, I had shorts that are of the same fabric and planned on wearing the blazer with it. They're of the same brand after all (Uniqlo). The fit's a little off right now because I lost a lot of weight since I made the purchase.

Then just recently while I was looking for some pants that are roomier around the thighs, I saw some pants from one of their stores that are of the same fabric as the shorts and blazer I already have. They're drawstring pants but with buttons and a fly. I thought, perfect!

halfwhiteboy summer wedding outfit 03

So there they went with a white shirt and blue bow tie. I'm happy the shirt's cuffs are showing, which somehow make the blazer look like a legit suit. Now to break the monotony of blue and white, I wore a pair of gray sneakers. With a sockless look, of course.

halfwhiteboy summer wedding outfit 04
halfwhiteboy summer wedding outfit 05
halfwhiteboy summer wedding outfit 06
halfwhiteboy summer wedding outfit 07

Now all I need is a nice hat.
Long-sleeved shirt (Celio); blazer and pants (both Uniqlo); bow tie (Tieline); shoes (Call It Spring).

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