Thursday, July 21, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Rusty orange

halfwhiteboy rusty orange 01

No one probably wants rust on their metal. But rust on your clothes (I mean the color, of course), well that's a different story.

Quite a lot of orange hues in my outfit here. A spritely pastel orange tee with rust-colored pants -- because why not? They're both anchored on the same color palette but the difference in hue allow them to complement each other. On their own, I know it can be a bit loud, which is why I wore this dark blue cardigan with brown stripes to neutralize the noise.

halfwhiteboy rusty orange 02

Meanwhile, the shoes follow the same orange color scheme. No worries, though, because the cardigan's already enough to tone things down. Yes, we can all wear color and still keep the whole ensemble toned down.

halfwhiteboy rusty orange 03
halfwhiteboy rusty orange 04
halfwhiteboy rusty orange 05

What do you think?
T-shirt (Bench); cardigan (Uniqlo); pants (Zara Man); belt (Celio); shoes (Cole Haan).


  1. Great shoes

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