Saturday, August 13, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Classic khaki and blue

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 01

Aw, I look like such a good boy, don't I? Casually but presentably dressed, hair neatly in place, and a crooked smile.

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 02

I don't really know how to smile in pictures. I mean, they almost always look uncomfortably forced. We were asked at work to submit new half-body photos for a redesigned company ID. A lot of us thought having our photos taken at a studio or somewhere was a hassle, so we took matters into our own hands and with nothing but a mirror-less camera and natural light from the window, did a session right at our office.

And yes, we had to smile.

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 03

As for me, I thought I could have a couple of extra shots for a blog post. We weren't allowed to wear black, white, or green, so I decided on a light blue shirt. I thought it was safe and very neutral. No bow or necktie because I wanted to keep it casual. Anyway, the details of the shirt's double collar design already compensates for any lack in accessory. No coat or blazer either.

Khaki goes very well with light blue, so I picked this color for my pants. It's in a darker shade, however, but it still works. And then I carried on with the hue with camel tasseled shoes and a brown belt.

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 04
halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 05

Meanwhile, I still don't know which two photos to submit. Should I go with:

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 06
The painfully fake crooked smile?

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 07
The very common broadcaster-like fold-your-arms look, which everybody uses when he doesn't know how else to pose?

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 08
The straight-on look?

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 09
The my-neck-seems-to-hurt pose?

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 10
Or the faux in-deep-thought look? 

Sh*t, I still don't know. Anyway, have a great weekend ahead, y'all!
Shirt and pants (both Zara Man); shoes (Flying Dutchman); belt (Hickok); watch (Pebble Time Steel).

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