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DINING | Deété Espresso - Organic Cafe

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe 01

The Korean zombie flick Train to Busan has been making a lot of noise lately. Add to that the fact that a considerable number of Filipinos are also hooked on K-Drama and K-Pop, it can't be denied that the Korean influence on this country is expanding. Not that I'm complaining because I love Korean ice cream and bingsu. So thank you for that.

All this just reminded me of this cafe at Century City Mall that I chanced upon last July. It's called Deété Espresso - Organic Cafe, a Korean chain (please don't ask me how it's pronounced).

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe 02
Cozy ambiance.

I was looking for a place to sit and while away time when I spotted the cafe. I was initially skeptical because of the word organic but I went in anyway.

The glass door opens up to a typical coffee shop counter with menu boards against the wall, an all-glass chiller for pastries and bottled drinks, and a plethora of countertop signage advertising offers and what have you.

The gray walls, wooden accents, ambient lighting, and the combination of classic and irregularly shaped tables peppered with some plush green chairs--together they afford the cafe a warm and cozy feel. Also noteworthy are the wooden cylinders that drop from the ceiling at varying lengths. It may not be a one of a kind design but it's nice nonetheless.

While their interiors are not really the same, the place reminds me of that other Korean cafe chain Caffe Bene.

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe 03
The counter reminded me of another Korean cafe chain.

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe 04
Green chairs!

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe 05
I'm loving the irregularly shaped tables here.

Their coffee was nothing out of the ordinary for me, a tad too weak for my taste actually. They also offer tea, juices, ade (a sweetened, fruit-flavored beverage), smoothies, and as with that other Korean chain, bingsu!

As for bites, they have some pastries and gogam (which are essentially sandwiches). Being advocates of "organic," I was expecting all healthy stuff here. And then I saw Spam.

Yes, Spam, the processed canned luncheon meat loved by many everyone. I was confused. But I didn't care, so I ordered a Spam Gogam--and it was surprisingly good! I mean, of course Spam tastes good, but the sandwich as a whole was good. It could be the mayo or whatever dressing they used but there's also egg, tomato, lettuce, and cheese in it. Expensive price point aside, the Spam Gogam is a must-try.

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe 06
Taste organic...with Spam!

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe 07
Other stuff for sale at the counter.

Here's a look at their menu:

halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe menu 01
halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe menu 02
halfwhiteboy deété organic cafe menu 03

I can't say much about the food and drinks. I guess I'll just have to update this post when I've tried other stuff here. But if you're looking for a fairly quiet spot for coffee (or maybe bingsu) and with a nice atmosphere to boot, Deété Espresso - Organic Cafe just might be right for you.

Deété Espresso - Organic Cafe is located at the 4th floor of Century City Mall in Makati. It now also has a branch in SM Megamall.

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