Saturday, November 26, 2016

LOOKBOOK | An ode to the 90s

halfwhiteboy 90s inspired 01
Summoning the power of the elements?

I'm supposed to be a kid of the 80s but I don't know why I relate more to the 90s, be it TV, movies, or music. I wasn't much of a fashion follower then but I, too, have worn all sorts of loose clothing like everyone else that, looking back, makes me cringe.

Ironically, however, my outfit here is just so 90s.

halfwhiteboy 90s inspired 02
halfwhiteboy 90s inspired 03

I mean, talk about the short-sleeved shirt over a t-shirt, sometimes fully unbuttoned, sometimes all buttoned up! I know it's not something really unique to the 90s because people have been doing this for forever, but this particular style somehow became commonplace somewhere during those years.

I probably wouldn't have thought of it on my own but when I saw this plaid shirt and printed tee combo at F&F, I liked it (they were sold as a pair). If ever, I would most likely wear a plain t-shirt underneath because I never would have thought a printed piece would go well with plaid. I think because the colors are complementing each other, the pairing works. It's so 90s, right? The slightly loose-fitting jeans and the running shoes may also have contributed to the whole vibe.

halfwhiteboy 90s inspired 04
halfwhiteboy 90s inspired 05
halfwhiteboy 90s inspired 06

What are your thoughts?

halfwhiteboy 90s inspired 07

Plaid shirt and t-shirt (F&F); jeans (Bonavita); shoes (Addidas); watch (Pebble Time Steel).

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