Tuesday, December 13, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Being a Christmas tree

halfwhiteboy christmas tree outfit 01

It's already a tradition in our department to hold our Kris Kringle (Monito-Monita, Secret Santa, exchange gift, whatever you may call it) on a separate day from our Christmas party. Because we're more than forty, the whole process of guessing one's monito or "baby" and handing out gifts takes too much time away from the program already.

We've also started following a theme even if we only do it at the office. Last year I wore a Christmas sweater--replete with tiny sleigh bells--in line with a preppy dress code. This time around it was something Christmassy.

halfwhiteboy christmas tree outfit 02

I was contemplating on getting that Christmas lights print sweater in the photo above but my sometimes nonexistent rational self prevailed. I thought of dressing up as a Christmas tree instead. Besides, it's just way more fun than simply putting on a sweater.

halfwhiteboy christmas tree outfit 03

I got the idea a year ago from a photo a colleague showed me. Of course I got excited and wanted to try it but there was just no occasion that called for it--until now. Amazing how I remembered it after all this time!

So I pulled out an old green sweater from my closet, picked a pair of jeans with the right shade of brown, and wore some red high-cut sneakers. Two of my colleagues "decorated" me with some tinsel garlands I got for Php 12.50 apiece and a bunch of Christmas balls we weren't using at home. I didn't have a star topper so I made one from paper and tinsel.

Now watch how silly I am:

Now what's a Christmas tree with no gifts underneath it? And people gathering around it? So...

halfwhiteboy christmas tree outfit 04
halfwhiteboy christmas tree outfit 05
halfwhiteboy christmas tree outfit 06

The best part was I won Best Dressed, though I think it should be Best in Costume considering how outrageous my "outfit" was. I guess wild won over sanity here.

Let me part with these words of wisdom: "Why bother decorating a tree when YOU CAN BE THE TREE?" 😆
Sweater (Topman); colored jeans (Bench); sneakers (Call It Spring).

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