Monday, January 2, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Santa Cat with monster feet

2017-01-01 09.21.50 1

Happy New Year! And good riddance to the year that was! Now what's up with me in this photo, you might ask. Well, I got...

Monster feet!

2017-01-01 09.16.36 1
2017-01-01 09.37.35 1
2017-01-01 09.11.34 1
2017-01-01 09.34.50 1

I know it's not a wise buy but a t-shirt with kitties? In Santa hats? I just had to, even if it's just for the holidays. Though I'm sure I'll be able to wear it again. In 11 months. At least the monster feet slippers have some use in the bedroom all year round.

And oh, we're twinning!

2017-01-01 10.08.41 1

Corny as we are, we got the same shirt and matching slippers for our holiday family portrait with the cats. And just like last year, the struggle with our furry friends was epic.

They're normally bent on entering rooms where they aren't allowed but when we tried getting them in for the shoot, surprise, they didn't want to! You get a cat in, another one dashes for the open door. There were meows of protest, some hissing, and lots of fur shedding. It was utter chaos!

2017-01-01 09.44.22 1
Little creatures but are too much to handle.

2017-01-01 10.27.46 1
Spot the hissing cat.

2017-01-01 11.20.40 1
Just when Kwittie Boy's eyes were all wide open, all the others looked away.

Anyway, I think we got a few passable shots. Probably as a new year's resolution we need to do these little shoots more often so the cats get used to them. And maybe train them on leashes for weekend walks in the park (a long standing fantasy of mine).

2017-01-01 09.55.56 1

Again, here's wishing you all a...


T-shirt and bedroom slippers (both H&M); shorts (Bench).

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