Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FOOD | Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is love

halfwhiteboy tokyo milk cheese factory 01

I suddenly had this craving for Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory cookies. We first chanced upon their pop-up store at Greenbelt 5 late last year and instantly fell in love. The cookies--buttery soft with a light crunch and a rich and creamy filling sandwiched in between--are pure heaven. They remind me of a similar product from Pablo months prior.

halfwhiteboy tokyo milk cheese factory 02
Long lines at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's SM Megamall pop-up store.

Three variants are available here in the Philippines: Salt & Camembert, Honey & Gorgonzola, and Porcini & Gouda. Call me nuts but I just can't take really strong and stinky cheeses, and those cheeses mentioned do sound scary to me. I don't care how coveted or expensive they are. But somehow Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has magically eliminated any unwanted stink and strong flavor from them, leaving nothing but pure joy for one and all.

Individually packed and imported from Japan, the cookies are pretty expensive, though. If my memory serves me right, a box of 20 costs around Php 1,200. And truth be told, I could devour that entire box in one sitting. Despite the price, however, I've read they've repeatedly been sold out that both their Greenbelt and Megamall pop-up stores had to close on several occasions until they've restocked. Crazy!

halfwhiteboy tokyo milk cheese factory 03
Pure bliss in a foil. I have to exercise restraint whenever I'm eating them.

halfwhiteboy tokyo milk cheese factory 04
Pop-up store at Greenbelt 5.

They also offer milk cheese cakes and I've been dying to try them. No luck, though, as they're always sold out. Crazy!

In time I'm gonna be able to buy one. Or two.

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