Wednesday, March 15, 2017

DINING | Kitchen 1B: For the health-conscious but well-heeled

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 01

I recently chanced upon Kitchen 1B in Makati's Legazpi Village, which, apparently has been in existence for more than two years now. Part of the Apartment 1B chain of restaurants, this one appeals to the health-conscious lot with organic and supposedly healthier dishes.

Kitchen 1B has a straightforward layout with what's essentially a single open space filled with tables and chairs with colorful seat covers, and featuring an open kitchen with a bar. Cool lighting fixtures drop from the exposed ceiling while the walls are tiled, punctuated with refrigerator door accents that's consistent with its homey kitchen theme.

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 02
It's one single open space for dining, with an exposed kitchen on one side.

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 03
How they display their ingredients is both decorative and functional.

I couldn't say much about the service because it was just two of us dining that night. Naturally the attentiveness and efficiency were there.

Though not really necessary - but it is cool, I admit - their menus are in tablets. Tapping on an item leads you to a photo of the dish and various health information about its ingredients.

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 04
A page off their menu.

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 05
Tapping on an item directs you to health information about an dish's ingredients.

We only got to try two dishes, both pasta. The garlic shrimp pasta (Php 580) was so full of flavor, and the shrimp really shone through. Served with salad on the side, the mushroom and eggplant lasagna (Php 620) was just as good. You'll probably forget there's no meat in it once you dig in. And it's quite filling, so to speak.

BUT... in case you haven't noticed, the prices are ridiculously expensive. Yes, it's Php 620 for a single serving of pasta. And oh, they charge Php 290 for oatmeal and Php 450 for pancakes, so you get the picture.

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 06
Garlic shrimp pasta.

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 07
Mushroom and eggplant lasagna.

Okay, I liked the food, the ambiance and all that but unless money is not a problem or they miraculously lower their prices, I don't see myself that often here. It was worth a try, though.

halfwhiteboy kitchen 1B 08
A stylized map of what is now an Apartment 1B chain of restaurants.

Kitchen 1B is located at 117 Gamboa Street in Legazpi Village, Makati City. They're near They're open as early as 6:30AM daily and close by 11PM.
Tel. +632 843 2392

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