Tuesday, March 21, 2017

FRAGRANCE | Dear John by Lush: Pretty decent and inexpensive

halfwhiteboy - dear john cologne by lush 01

Alas, not all expensive fragrances are good and not all cheap scents are bad! A fragrance's price point isn't always commensurate to quality, and I've had my share of disappointments with some pricier ones from well-known brands. But I try all sorts of stuff and am occasionally surprised to find some gems among the inexpensive lot.

Take, for instance, Dear John from Lush, the cosmetic company I've always associated with soaps. Consistent with all things Lush, this cologne is packaged quite simplistically. But don't judge it from the bottle alone because Dear John is a wonderful scent.

halfwhiteboy - dear john cologne by lush 02

It's a very linear fragrance with no top, middle, and base notes to speak of. What it lacks in layers, however, Dear John makes up for in its aromatic mix of lime, clove, pine, and a couple of other ingredients. The result is a nice warm balance between citrusy and woody. It's supposedly a unisex fragrance but to me it leans more towards masculine, so some women might not take it.

Longevity is moderate but sillage weakens easily after spraying, staying close to the skin for a good few hours. However, it quickly comes back to life whenever you move around a bit and release body heat in the process. All in all it's a pretty decent cologne, more so when you factor in how inexpensive it is.

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