Wednesday, March 1, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Brocade in monochrome

halfwhiteboy brocade pants 01

After a relatively short - but sweet - period of light chill, the mercury is rising once more. And so it's back to lightweight stuff that's appropriate for the tropics. I'm still wearing pullovers, though, like this one here, but it's the kind that's just enough to keep me warm while inside the office.

halfwhiteboy brocade pants 02

Although the pullover is as basic as it can be, not to mention my go-to lazy outfit, we can still keep things interesting by perhaps throwing over a nice jacket or putting on some interesting shoes. In my case here, I wore brocade pants. Not the rich and colorful type, of course, but something monochromatic that's suitable for everyday wear.

I mean, it's brocade, right? Or am I wrong?

halfwhiteboy brocade pants 03

So everything here is still subtle until you see the fabric up close. Now to add a bit of flair, I put on my trusty dress slippers to cap off the look.

halfwhiteboy brocade pants 04
halfwhiteboy brocade pants 05
halfwhiteboy brocade pants 06
halfwhiteboy brocade pants 07
halfwhiteboy brocade pants 08

Happy hump day, y'all!
Pullover (H&M); pants (Zara Man); shoes (Cole Haan).

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