Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Cropped and quilted

halfwhiteboy - cropped quilted pants 01

Okay, so I'm wearing my flower lapel pin too high here. My cluelessness is apparent. But anyway, let's talk cropped pants, which I really like. Slim silhouettes look good, no doubt, but roomier cuts prove to be just as great with the right cut.

Adding a little more character to these pants I'm wearing is its quilted fabric, which also make them so comfy. It also gives the pants a distinct drop - or lack thereof - bunching up in places with quirky randomness. Thick but lightweight, they're more suited in cooler temperatures, but which serves someone like me who works in an air-conditioned space all day just fine.

halfwhiteboy - cropped quilted pants 02

Me being in a seemingly perpetual casual mode, I paired the pants with a pullover topped off with a blazer to dress it all up a bit. The red, black, and brown combo works!

I still haven't mustered enough confidence to wear socks with cropped pants, so I predictably went for another sockless look. I've tried but I think I need pants with a wider opening to pull it off. Some other time perhaps.

halfwhiteboy - cropped quilted pants 03
halfwhiteboy - cropped quilted pants 04
halfwhiteboy - cropped quilted pants 05
halfwhiteboy - cropped quilted pants 06

Yea or nay?
Pullover (Topman); pants, blazer, and shoes (Zara Man); lapel pin (Iconic).

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