Thursday, May 11, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Forgotten and unearthed

halfwhiteboy - graphic polo 01

Do you have clothes that have remained hidden for so long that you've forgotten about them already? Yup, guilty here. And you know how they say that if you haven't worn something in about a year then you should probably part with it already? Heard of it, yes.

But what if you chance upon such an item while rummaging through your closet and all of a sudden you fall in love with it again? You know it's time to sell or give it away but now you just can't?

Oh yeah, then by all means, wear it!

halfwhiteboy - graphic polo 02

This old graphic print polo here is one such piece. It's so cute I had this urge to wear it again. Despite being black and white it is quite loud, so I kept everything else simple with dark jeans, black and white sneaks, and a bracelet.

halfwhiteboy - graphic polo 03
halfwhiteboy - graphic polo 04
halfwhiteboy - graphic polo 05
halfwhiteboy - graphic polo 06

But seriously, I should probably part with it already.
Polo (Giordano); jeans (Uniqlo); sneakers (Lacoste); bracelet (Tieline).

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