Monday, February 12, 2018

FRAGRANCE | The Tragedy of Lord George (from the Penhaligon's Portraits Collection)

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What a gorgeous-looking bottle, don't you agree? Admittedly it's part of the reason why I bought The Tragedy of Lord George, a 2016 release from Penhaligon's for its Portraits Collection. Yes, it is such a lengthy name for a fragrance but then again this collection has entries like The Revenge of Lady Blanche, Much Ado about the Duke, and The Coveted Duchess Rose, to name a few. They all come in identical bottles but are differentiated by their dedicated animal head cap.

These fragrances are supposedly representative of British aristocracy, but fictional of course, each with an accompanying story. Lord George is described as a wealthy and respected man, embodying the noblest values of the aristocracy: virtue, respect, loyalty, and faithfulness. The bane of his existence, however, is found in his penchant for muttering "The flesh is weak." So yes, behind the polished facade of this man lies some hidden secrets.

The Tragedy of Lord George is more of an older man's fragrance. Because of its intensity, especially at the opening, I don't see it as something suited to the young. It is all at once a boozy, powdery, and woody scent. While it may be a little overpowering at first, Lord George soon eases into something more pleasant, into a scent that's closer to the skin.

halfwhiteboy - penhaligon's portraits - the tragedy of lord george 02

Given its notes, it's a fragrance best suited for winter or cooler climates and for special evenings. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped me from wearing it to work.

While I haven't thought much about Lord George's sillage, I once received a compliment after a colleague caught a whiff one morning. There I was thinking its projection had already waned way before noon but I was thankfully reminded that our olfactory senses often betray us as they quickly get immune to scents that we wear. Longevity is also pretty good although it stays close to the skin as the day progresses.

Probably the only tragedy here for me is the fragrance's rather steep price point, which also applies to the rest of the Penhaligon's Portraits roster. Yes, there's a lot of extra that goes into the packaging but it's still expensive.

In hindsight, The Tragedy of Lord George is not for everybody. It's a scent more suited to older, if not accomplished, men. But with such a pretty good performance, it's a fragrance I definitely recommend--that is if you don't mind the price. Also, it's such a handsome bottle.


  1. Hello there,i have just read your review of this perfume last night and i got intrigued so today i went to David Jones( a department store in Sydney,Australia)and bought this expensive Penhaligon's Lord cost me A$369.00 whew i just closed my eyes at the cash register.

    1. I think it's a little cheaper here in the Philippines. I hope you tried it on, though, before buying it.


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