Sunday, April 22, 2018

LOOKBOOK | Because it's summer, go Japanese with a jinbei

halfwhiteboy - jinbei top 01

Me sharpening my kendo skills. Or at least that's what I think I'm doing. But my form betrays me. Such a poser, I know. Yet nothing betrays me more than this un-cropped photo below.

halfwhiteboy - jinbei top 02

Now let's get to what I'm wearing here. After trying out a kimono cardigan, I'm going for something more authentic this time. This blousy, oversize-looking top I'm wearing is called a jinbei--well half of it actually.

A jinbei is a kind of traditional Japanese clothing made from lightweight cotton or hemp and is worn during summer. It's a set that consists of a top and matching shorts or sometimes, long pants. So when I say I'm only wearing half of a jinbei, it's because I'm only wearing the top.

Speaking of the top, which is unmistakably Japanese in design, it resembles a loose-fitting jacket with short sleeves. It's tied first on the inside, then folded over to the right and tied on the outside. The seams around the sleeves are loosely woven to allow for ventilation in warm temperatures while retaining coverage.

Although jinbei are said to be worn usually as house wear or when close to home only, in some cases it's become a clothing of choice during summer festivals. As for me, I wore it to work on a Friday, paired it with jeans and some lightweight rubber boots. It was very comfortable actually. And eye-catching, if I may add.

halfwhiteboy - jinbei top 03
halfwhiteboy - jinbei top 04
halfwhiteboy - jinbei top 05
halfwhiteboy - jinbei top 06

I got this jinbei (comes with matching shorts) from a Japanese couple at the Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati, so I believe it's authentic. You won't miss them because the guy regularly sports a jinbei while the wife normally wears a yukata. Do check them out if you can.

Wear with confidence.
Jinbei (a Legazpi Sunday Market find); jeans (Uniqlo); shoes (Native); bracelet (Merger).

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