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FRAGRANCE | masculin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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masculin Pluriel.

Having been the "nose" (fragrance-speak for perfumer) behind a long list of fragrances for brands like Acqua di ParmaBurberryElizabeth ArdenJean Paul GaultierGuerlain, and many more, Francis Kurkdjian is an established name in the fragrance industry. But he never had his own line until Maison Francis Kurkdjian opened in 2009.

masculin Pluriel is my first MFK purchase (there's also a feminin Pluriel for the ladies, by the way), and here's my little review.

All standard MFK fragrances are similarly packaged in sturdy, square-ish 70mL bottles, although masculin Pluriel also has a 200mL variant. The bottle is simple and elegant, and masculin Pluriel's packaging, in particular, is quite the character, being a box within a box.

halfwhiteboy - maison francis kurkdjian masculin pluriel 02
A box within a box.

masculin Pluriel is a powdery, fresh, woody juice that opens up with just a little sharpness, but which quickly dissipates as the drydown commences. It's surprisingly light that it's a good fit for warm weather but isn't a problem either for colder temperatures because the wood and leather accords keep it grounded. When it dries down there's a certain warmth and richness to it that confusingly still feels fresh.

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While I don't have a problem with its staying power, its projection weakens quite easily in about an hour or two and then settles as a skin scent. It gets reignited, however, every time your body heats up, like after walking in the summer heat or going out to grab some lunch.

And oh, MFK fragrances do not come cheap, and masculin Pluriel is already on the lower end of their price range.

In hindsight
I have no regrets at all getting a bottle of masculin Pluriel. Although I wish it's projection could have been a little stronger, I really like this scent--the lightness and complexity of it all. It's a fragrance I would recommend trying but you have to come to terms with its price first, just like I did.

masculin Pluriel is available at Adora in Greenbelt 5.

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