Tuesday, June 5, 2018

DINING | A chance encounter with West Town's Coffee

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 01
Inside West Town's Coffee.

It was one of those afternoons when I had to go find a place to while away time. Being a weekend, the usual suspects at Century City Mall were expectedly packed. As I stood by the mall exit thinking of where to go, I saw that there was a regular flow of people crossing the street and then disappearing into a corner lined by construction sites. I always thought it was just ongoing construction work there but clearly something must already be finished.

So I followed their lead and after a short walk The Milano Residences came into view. Its front was lined with shops and restaurants, one of which was West Town's Coffee. I went inside.

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 02
The cafe exteriors.

Interiors and ambiance
With its towering glass walls, West Town's Coffee already gives passersby a good view of what's inside. The cafe's design may not be anything new but this hipster coffee shop template of reclaimed wood, blacks, grays, bare concrete flooring, and Edison light bulbs still appeals to many, me included.

The really high ceiling is great because it lends the space a certain grandeur. Even greater is how they've capitalized on that height by dedicating half of that space for a mezzanine area. At least the building admin allows it because in some condo units they don't.

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 03
Come on in!

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 04
Black, gray, wood, and bare concrete--still never grows old.

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 05
Framed pieces and all sorts of decor lend the space a homey feel.

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 06
At the mezzanine.

West Town's Coffee is also quite generous with power outlets, so if you intend to burrow yourself with your laptop, then you are most welcome here. Just make sure you order stuff, okay?

The coffee, food, and service
The cafe has a variety of beans on their menu, so I guess coffee connoisseurs can delight in this offering. As for me, I simply ordered a flat white--which was good--and some chicken pesto pasta to go with it. Odd combo, I know.

The pasta was pretty decent for a cafe with no proper kitchen. They also serve sandwiches and a host of different pastries. Because the food's already pre-cooked, service was quite efficient.

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 08
My chicken pesto and flat white.

In hindsight
West Town's Coffee was indeed a welcome discovery for me. I loved the ambiance, coffee was good, and the food wasn't bad either. And of course, lots of sockets for charging your gadgets. It's worth a visit.

halfwhiteboy - west town's coffee 07
The walls are never boring here.

West Town's Coffee is located at the The Milano Residences Piazza, just a few steps away from Century City Mall in Makati City.

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