FRAGRANCE | A cheap thrill in Berdoues 1902 Trèfle & Vétiver EDT

halfwhiteboy - 1902 Trefle & Vetiver EDT by Parfums Berdoues

I came across these department store cheapies from French house Berdoues and was intrigued. They have colognes that cost only a few hundred pesos and EDTs that are just over a thousand. Expecting better performance, I opted for an EDT. I tried a few before leaving with a bottle of 1902 Trèfle & Vétiver.

Trèfle & Vétiver is a vetiver-based fragrance given a soft floral and fruity treatment. It opens predictably with some citruses but unlike some poorly constructed cheapies, it's not assaulting in any way. It's slightly sweet, which makes its entrance quite pleasant.

The dry earthiness of the vetiver is already noticeable from the start, with a distinct, sweet apple note and some florals gaining prominence as the citruses leave. I don't know how trèfle, or clover, actually smells like but given that it shares top billing with vetiver on the label, then it must be the most dominant of the floral notes.

The vetiver's inherently dusty earthiness easily loses strength, however, settling alongside the fragrance's sweet, fruity-floral accord. The result is an overall scent profile that's clean and fresh, even a little soapy at some point.

Trèfle & Vétiver may be a pretty decent and inoffensive fragrance but unfortunately it suffers from poor longevity, even as a skin scent. I don't know, maybe spraying also on clothes could remedy this deficiency or we can just keep on respraying. Talk about a cheap thrill.


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