FRAGRANCE | Man EDT by Adnan B.: For the price, a really good buy

halfwhiteboy - Adnan B. Man EDT 01 

Man by Adnan B. was a random discovery while browsing frags online. You see, I sometimes go through all the brands listed under a particular letter to see if there's anything interesting. This was a product of the letter A. After a little bit of reading, I jumped the gun and added a bottle to my cart, more so since it's really affordable.

The frag comes in a no-frills presentation yet it feels like way more than the price I paid. The bottle packs considerable weight and is elegant in its simplicity. It definitely doesn't look inferior standing next to other more expensive bottles.

halfwhiteboy - Adnan B. Man EDT 02
halfwhiteboy - Adnan B. Man EDT 03

The scent is ambery and woody, moderate in projection and with some indistinct fruity-floral nuance in the opening. Honey unfolds shortly, along with something that resembles tobacco. The honey is not too sweet but feels kind of sticky. It also has a very slight boozy feel, which isn't anything new in regard to honey. This is evident in fragrances like Mond by Slumberhouse (honey and tobacco) and Oajan by Parfums de Marly (honey and cinnamon).

This fragrance is a bit of a heavy wear because of its generally dark vibe. It becomes sharp after several minutes, probably due to the wood and perhaps some spices as well. Later, a musky base spreads out, further complementing the ambery wood and honeyed tobacco. The sharpness mellows over time but so does the fragrance's overall projection. However, the scent stretches out for several hours.

For the price, Man by Adnan B. is a really good buy. Its typically masculine scent profile carries an air of formality to it, making it great for formal wear, preferably in evenings and in colder or temperature-controlled environments. Well worth trying, in my opinion.


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