Friday, September 12, 2008

My terminally ill N70

I've had my Nokia N70 for more than two years now. I was basically happy with it (otherwise, it wouldn't have lasted that long). Until recently.

For the past few weeks I've had to deal with its failing software manifesting itself in different ways. One, I open a text message to which I have to reply. Surprise, surprise! This stupid message appears on the screen:

This is the most frequent of its problems. The first time it happened I immediately checked my phone memory. There was still about 8MB of free space. Maybe it's the memory card, I thought (although of course it's not!), and there was still some 30MB. Besides, how do I "close some applications and try again?" What the hell does it think it is, Windows? With Nokia I can only open one application at a time. Is my phone's software confused or what? Ironically, like Windows, everything's fine after you restart.

Two, I receive a text message and I can't open it at all. The same irritating message appears. With teeth grinding, I restart my phone.

Three, I can't receive any SMS. Of course you won't notice this until someone calls you up, pissed at why you don't return his/her messages. Then you restart your phone and voila - 10 messages arrive all at once!

Four, I can't send SMS. "Unable to send," it would say. Again, restart the phone (forehead creased) and resend.

Five, I can't freakin' send MMS! I was out one time looking for storage boxes. I photographed one that I found at the store with the intent of showing it to MBK via MMS. Wasn't able to. I restarted the phone. But unlike my first four examples, I was still unable to send! I thought it was a network problem but another scene at the office disproved it. My officemates could send MMS and I still couldn't. So it was the stupid phone.

Six, I couldn't open my contacts list. Restart. Okay. But only until the next problem.

Seven, I couldn't receive any calls. And I would be completely clueless unless I'm expecting a call and my impatience prevails that I try ringing that person myself and realize that I have another problem, which is...

...Eight, I couldn't make a call. Restart. Fuming mad.

Yeah, fuming mad - especially since the problems are becoming much more frequent. Today, problem no. 1 happened, like, more than 20 times. And you won't expect me to be cool with that, would you? It's almost like after reading one text I have to restart so I could reply. Then I receive another text, restart again. WTF!

I really need a new phone before my terminally ill N70 finally gives in. And this time it won't be a Nokia.

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