Sunday, March 13, 2011

My new "wall clock"

This is no Project Look Book. Well, it could be but I'm not filing this post under that category. It's because of that something relatively big on my wrist.


It's one of three watches designed by Jeremy Scott for Swatch. At the mall yesterday My Bibe asked if I've already seen Swatch's latest collection and I haven't. And so we went and I fell in love.


The lightning design was out of stock so I was left between the white wings and the "wall clock." I love them both but after much thought chose the latter. It was on My Bibe. She actually wanted it for herself but thought she couldn't pull it off and would just love to see it on me.


The design is so me. Although it's plastic, I can see myself wearing it to work. Besides, the plastic frame is detachable.


The strap is a little stiff, though, but I guess it has to be given its design.


I had no idea who Jeremy Scott was but after Googling him this morning, I remembered I knew him from his collaborations with Adidas.


And because of that Googling I'm now drooling for at least one of his latest designs for Adidas. I need to go and check it out.

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