Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to do with my little crop of hair

I have thinning hair (it's already thin to begin with), a receding hairline, and strands that are fine and limp. In short, I don't like my hair. Yet I obsess with it, probably because I have to work harder to make it look good. Or even half as good as some people's.

I've sported a long hairstyle years ago, then abruptly went for a semi-skinhead, grown it back but kept it short, and am currently growing it just a little more. But now I'm bored. I want something edgy, chic, yet tame enough for the office. I want something like a modified mohawk but definitely not like Puck's (of Glee).

After signing up for just last month, I'm now getting a lot of inspiration although I'm gravitating towards these:

But I doubt if my hair would like just like his, considering his mane is a lot thicker than mine.

Maybe. With a little styling perhaps.

My Bibe says I actually had a similar style already before. I said, kind of but not exactly.

The sides may be too harsh for the office. But maybe, just maybe...

Yes, maybe if the sides aren't that severe it'll work. This is the same guy as in the previous photo. It's the same hairstyle but I think his hair's grown a little already in this one.

Oh well. Let's see. Me gonna show these to Mr. Shin soon.

(You can also "hype" these looks by just clicking the Hype button in each photo. If you don't have a account, you can login using your facebook account. Anyway, you'll see what happens when you click.)

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