Sunday, October 9, 2011

Francesco Cominelli: Remembering a style icon

I just read this afternoon the news that Francesco Cominelli was found dead in his apartment on Oct. 7. To the uninitiated, he was fashion editor of Vogue Hommes International and was, without a doubt, a true style master.

I took notice of him through photos of countless fashion weeks the world over, always standing out in a crowd. He had an impeccable fashion sense, never trendy and always unique. He never failed to surprise me with his knack for mixing different patterns and textures, even making what everybody else would call fashion faux pas look really good.

Take this look, for instance, which is probably my most favorite of the guy (taken by Tommy Ton). Who in his right mind would tuck an outdated leather jacket into stone-washed jeans? But he did. And he made it look really cool! An extremely daring move, yes, and he definitely owned it, man!

Francesco Cominelli 1

He always exuded confidence in his outfits, never afraid to go against the tide, constantly reinventing. I wish I were that brave.

francesco 2
francesco 3

Paris-based Cominelli was also a master of texture. I'm always, like, where does he find all this stuff?

francesco cominelli 1
francesco cominelli4

There were no details yet as to the cause of his death. But whatever it was, there's now one less stylish man that we get to see attending fashion shows, one less guy whose outfits we look forward to seeing, one less icon from whom we draw inspiration.

francesco cominelli 2



  1. that leather blazer is really stunning, i love the styling

  2. he was also a stylist after all. and definitely a stylist with style!


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