Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Lookbook 06.06.2012] I committed a crime


Yes, I did commit a crime today, a crime of fashion. You know when you're never supposed to wear a single brand head-to-toe? I did just that, albeit unknowingly. I very well knew that the top and trousers I would be wearing were from the same brand but I went on anyway because I loved the color combination so much. Besides, two pieces don't necessarily mean head-to-toe already, I thought. Until I picked the shoes, which, I realized only now, are of the same brand as the clothes.


Anyway, this lovely knit top is one of maybe three I got from Tyler last April (Thank you, Tyler!). They've got some really great colors and combinations of colors that it's hard to choose which ones to get. Some pieces also sport the brand's distinct stand-up collar design, to which I've taken a liking. Yes, the collar's meant to be worn this way.


The pants have some subtle contrasting detailing on the pockets and at the back. I probably wouldn't have thought that the color works well with teal but hey, I'm happy to have realized that. I thought some white loafers would have been nice with this getup but then it would have been too casual. It's not yet Friday after all; hence, this tan pair, with which I based my pick for what belt to use.


I do hope that the fashion gods will forgive me for my careless oversight. On second thought, though, screw them! Nobody probably even cares.


LOL. How shallow of me.
Knit top, trousers and loafers (all Tyler); belt (Topman); bracelet (flea market find).


  1. Love your polo. This color is really nice. It's a great outfit.

  2. Love the bright color for the polo. :-)


  3. never mind "the crime": the important is that you see yourself looking good :)

  4. I love the details in your shirt and in the bags of your pants, are great!!!

  5. Love your pollo ! The pants are amazing !

  6. Wow! thats very cool look! i love!

  7. Great pics - outstanding outfit. I love it!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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