Friday, June 15, 2012

Stylish glasses from Warby Parker

I'm a bit jealous that people in other parts of the globe are enjoying summer right now while I'm stuck with rain and an approaching typhoon here. But I'm just taking comfort in the fact that I just came back from a beach holiday and was blessed with fine, sunny weather there.

While I'm waiting for this storm to pass and once more enjoy the sun, I was looking at these stylish sunglasses from Warby Parker. The brand has a rebellious streak in that it produces quality eyewear at par with most high fashion brands -- even better -- but which goes against the grain in terms of pricing. Yes, they're more affordable, which is great for the rest of us who don't belong to the 1%. And did I mention that they're really stylish?

Screen shot 2012-06-15 at 12.53.48 AM
Winston in old-fashioned fade. It's so "Mad Men!"

Screen shot 2012-06-15 at 12.48.11 AM
Winston in revolver black. This one's perfect if you don't fancy even a bit of color.

As if style and affordability aren't enough to entice you, the brand is also into a really good cause: for every pair of glasses sold, another pair is given to someone else in need. Here are a few of my picks from their summer collection:

Screen shot 2012-06-15 at 12.50.16 AM
Holt in blue slate fade. This has got to be my favorite!

Screen shot 2012-06-15 at 12.49.52 AM
Percey in striped sassafras. Don't you just love the tortoise shell effect?

Screen shot 2012-06-15 at 12.48.38 AM
Sims in burgundy fade. I think this one's perfect for people who may find the Percey a tad too loud for their taste.

Now I'm mulling over which one to get. Which one's your fave?


  1. They all have a lovely shape. Love the first ;-)

  2. This is such a great post. I love it!!! A gorgeous selection of sunnies and glasses!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. thanks for your sweet comment...

  4. I love percey model, perfect :)

  5. Me gustan mucho mucho


  6. I hope you are not hahahahaa! we'll share name then :)

    lovely sunnies XD

  7. Love the eyewear!



  8. Totally feel 'ya. My friends abroad are just getting up to the summer hype and I'm stuck in college, studying my butt off.

    The Winston in Revolver black pair looks tempting. I've been looking for a good pair of hipster glasses ;)

    I followed you on GFC by the way. Care to follow back?

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