Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quality contemporary art from ArtStar

I'm not a fan of taking photos in low light, what with all the inconveniences of special lenses, tripods and lighting equipment low-light and nighttime photography entails. However, I do appreciate the products of such patient and meticulous labor. I just don't have the patience to wait for even a minute to complete a single shot. I guess slow shutter speeds just aren't my cup of tea.

So imagine my amazement when I learned that there's a Texas-based photographer named Noel Kerns who specializes in night photography. Night photography!

pd_artstar_noel kerns

Mind you, the images that he captures are nothing short of stunning. I love how he says he shoots almost exclusively by the light of the full moon. He does employ a few special lighting tricks here and there but still, measuring shutter speeds -- or lack thereof -- in terms of minutes instead of seconds or fractions thereof is something I just don't have the patience for.
If you want a piece of his impressive work, limited-edition prints are sold over at ArtStar, a site that sells affordable art from both established artists and new discoveries alike. The site's team of curators, along with the artists themselves, believe in making contemporary art more accessible.

pd_artstar_Screen shot 2012-09-29 at 12.31.24 AM
[Screen cap from]

In this day and age where everything is virtually on the internet, it still pays to own an authentic piece of art. Sure, one can download practically any image in cyberspace but owning one of only 450 prints, for instance, still means something. ArtStar guarantees this limited quantity, which is allocated among three sizes: 11"x14" (250 prints), 20"x24" (150 prints), and 30"x40" (50 prints), all printed on quality 100% cotton rag fine art paper.

The site also offers a host of resources for those interested in learning about art. There are video interviews with artists and curators, news, and expert advice. It's more than just an online gallery, that's for sure.

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