Monday, March 11, 2013

Checked out: Tea Lounge

I was browsing through my phone's gallery and saw some photos of Tea Lounge from way back January this year. It was a chance visit, as we were in the area then. Looking at the photos I thought, hey, that was a nice place. So I'm sharing them with you, albeit belatedly.

rsz01 20130116_205235
The outdoor section of

The signage already tells you how it's pronounced: da-you-deh. is the brainchild of Renee Sebastian Domingo, a Certified Tea Master by the American Tea Masters Association. I'm not sure but at the time, they said they were still in a soft opening phase.

The interiors
It's a cute place with dainty all-white interiors, huge glass windows, and a really high ceiling. There's a counter near the entrance and behind it are large dispensers of several tea varieties. The high shelves are occupied by canisters upon canisters of different tea blends, as well as tea sets, presses, mugs, and more. I actually loved the atmosphere here.

rsz02 20130116_205054
Lots and lots of tea. This is the section to the right of the door.

rsz03 20130116_205134
The area to the door's left.

rsz04 20130116_205036
All things tea on display and for sale.

rsz05 20130116_205120
Gift items for tea lovers.

One cute thing about this place are the white walls where guests are encouraged to scribble and profess their love for the place, and maybe for tea in general. I just wonder how long it will take before the walls go from cute to downright dirty with all the writings on them.

rsz06 20130116_214703
At, "vandalism" is not frowned upon.

I enjoyed the displays because they don't look too put-together. Hey, even the restroom's lovely.

rsz07 20130116_205328
Justice by tea.

rsz08 20130116_214529
Lovely restroom.

The tea and the food
I'm not a tea connoisseur, so as expected, I was overwhelmed by the menu. There was everything from curated tea to spiked concoctions. There were also guilty pleasure offerings as well as low calorie solutions. Clueless, I let the coffee lover in me take over and ordered a coffee-infused option (Php 90 for a small-sized cup). Unfortunately, I didn't like it that much. But maybe I'll nail it down with my order eventually.

It was dinner time but I had my eyes set on one of the few scones left, which I got with a side of bacon and egg -- breakfast! The scone was good although I don't exactly remember having any sense of elation over it. I also didn't like that the bacon wasn't crispy.

rsz09 20130116_205930
Bacon's supposed to be crispy, to me at least :)

My Bibe, on the other hand, had better luck with her order. She got "The Farmer" set breakfast (Php 310) that consisted of English bangers, roasted tomatoes, mushroom, egg with Earl Grey Hollandaise sauce, and Roesti. The Roesti, which you could liken to a potato pancake, was quite good. Still hungry, I tried their homemade yogurt (Php 280, add'l Php 20 if with fresh fruit).

rsz10 20130116_211012
"The Farmer" set breakfast.

rsz11 20130116_212746
Homemade yogurt.

Food-wise, there's a host of other items on their menu that aren't breakfast. They have pasta, sandwiches, soup, and salad, with prices ranging from Php 200 to Php 390.

Now this wouldn't be a tea lounge without an afternoon tea time set, would it? They have at least three different sets, each good for two, and are priced Php 1,000 and Php 1,400 depending on your choice. That one, I suppose, I'll love. It just wasn't tea time anymore when we visited, so probably next time.

In hindsight is lovely place for tea and a chat with friends. Quite pricey, yes, but maybe true-blue tea lovers wouldn't mind. It pays to know your tea, though, as the menu can get a little overwhelming to the uninitiated. Service is great but I'm not sure about the food, at least based on what we've tried. But I guess I'll just have to stick to pastries next time, or have one of their tea time sets perhaps.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend it to those who aren't really into tea. But if you are, then by all means go. Personally, though, I'd give it another shot and hopefully, get my order right this time.

rsz12 20130116_214159
Just one more cutesy touch: your check is given to you inserted in a children's book.

**************** is located at the G/F of Net Lima Bldg along 4th Avenue in Bonifacion Global City, Taguig. It's in the same building as White Flour.
Tel. +632-478-3579

Update (04.21.2014):
They have a new Makati branch at the Y2 Residence Hotel Lobby along Santiago Street corner Singian Street near Makati Avenue.


  1. very very nice my dear:)

  2. looks relaxing, chic and yummy!! So lucky ;)


  3. I love it. Totally my kind of place.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    1. i thought so too, that this place was more to your liking.

  4. You are right, it's a nice place

  5. I'm a tea lover so I think this is the place for me to be great post dear and you so make me hungry by seen those scones awwwww love British food.

  6. anything with bacon is a sure hit for me.

  7. I'll go for the Farmer.
    I'm a tea lover, atleast! but I wont really spend that much for a tea..

  8. lovely pictures <3 and that meal..YUM!
    visit my blog!

  9. Nice, love the interior and the food looks great! :)

  10. Absolutely great post.



  11. The place looks so parisian chic...I love it!!

    1. and i went to your blog and there's a post titled " parisian chic." <3


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