Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Youphoric Labs launches new API at Smart DevNet's 1st anniversary

Last Friday, July 19, Youphoric Labs and founder Ann Jacobe presented their new SMS API before an audience of developers and friends at Smart DevNet's 1st Anniversary. The event, dubbed #DevNetOne, was held at Craft Bar and Grill at The Fort.

Wearing ripped jeans and some really cool kicks, Jacobe took to the stage and explained how with their new service anyone can practically create his own SMS-based promo, poll, or any service using any of the templates available at Youphoric Labs's website.

01 20130719_203517
The lovely Ann Jacobe takes to the stage to present their new API.

To the uninitiated, API means application programming interface, which basically specifies how some software components like software packages, web services, modules and whatnot should interact with each other.

And while SMS may be taking a backseat to social media, it remains a major telecom service today and we still see SMS promos and voting everywhere. Youphoric's new service enables even the smallest schools, organizations, or even one-time events to hold their own SMS voting, for instance, without having to go through all the hassles of completing various requirements and applying for an access code. Access codes are already available and you can even create a promo or service on the spot!

02 Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 11.22.43 PM
Screenshot from Youphoric Labs's website of the available templates for creating your own SMS-based apps.

03 Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 11.23.46 PM
Screenshot of the user interface that allows creation of an SMS-based promo.

Jacobe did a demo and created a promo on the spot--in under 10 minutes! They gave away some cool t-shirts as prizes for the instant promo, and as luck would have it, I won one!

04 20130719_203751
Instant promo and an instant win for me!

Youphoric Labs's SMS API is initially available to Smart subscribers only. So I suggest you switch now.

It was exactly a year ago when Smart DevNet (Smart Developer Network) hosted its very first hackathon in Davao. From then on, Smart DevNet has held several more hackathons and events, some of which they simply sponsored (never hijacked), others in partnership with IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. and other organizations and communities like WebGeek, DevCon, Google Developer Group, FourSquare, Mozilla, and Microsoft, to name a few.

Smart DevNet has also recently pulled off the biggest hackathon in the Philippines, AngelHack Manila, in partnership with AngelHack and other groups.

The celebration marked a successful and fruitful first year for Smart DevNet with some live musical performances, lots of bar food, beer, and an open bar for all developer geek friends.

05 20130719_203216
Smart DevNet's triumvirate of (left to right) Paul Pajo, Marica Uchida, and Jim Ayson.

06 20130719_203234
Smart DevNet's developer community in attendance.

07 20130719_210728
Smart DevNet evangelist Paul Pajo with My Bibe and Gian Javelona, founder of startup Orange Apps.

08 20130719_222915
The Keeprights, one of the night's performers.

09 20130719_202938
Bottle openers as giveaways for the event.

Congrats to Youphoric Labs and Smart DevNet! More success and good vibes to you!

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  1. Great event and one guy is wearing a really interesting tee ( i hope you understand whom am I thinking)...
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