Monday, August 22, 2016

FASHION | Worry no more about creases with T.M. Lewin's new Infinity Suit


It's all too real. You leave for work in the morning looking sharp and neatly pressed. You get in the car, or take the bus or train, and in the process collect a medley of creases on your suit, shirt, and trousers. And you haven't even stepped into the office yet.

Yes, the struggle is all too real. No matter how careful you are to preserve that spiffy look of yours for at least 8 hours, you always seem to end up disheveled by the end of the day. Okay, maybe just a little.

But what if you could go on about your day like Chase Armitage here, with nary a care about creases and what-have-you? Parkour your way to work perhaps? The answer to all your woes is T.M. Lewin's new Infinity Suit.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

EVENT | Discover Taiwan’s best brands at TriNoma, August 19 to 21

Photo 2
Taiwan Excellence brand partners showcased their products at the press launch earlier this year.

Mall goers will once again be treated to a wide selection of high quality products from Taiwan’s best brands at the third Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone, currently happening at TriNoma mall in Quezon City from August 19 to 21.

Led by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and in partnership with the Taiwanese government, the Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone is an interactive product showcase featuring brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal, which assures customers of the products’ superior quality.

Over 140 products from 54 Taiwan Excellence-accredited brands will be offered at the Experiencing Zone. The wide range of products covers needs for Information and Communications Technology, Home and Living, and Sports and Leisure. So apart from familiar brands like ASUS and ACER, you'll get to check out STRIDA’s durable bicycles designed for convenient and reliable urban transport, SH-RD’s protein cream that avoids hair damage and promises softer and shinier hair, and FECA’s storage products that help in maximizing the home space. 

Performances, fashion shows, games, and raffle draws are lined up to keep shoppers entertained while exploring Taiwan Excellence products. Customers can also watch out for surprise gigs from favorite bands such as Silent Sanctuary (August 19), Callalily (August 20), and Up Dharma Down (August 21).  

There will also be booth tours and brand presentations to educate consumers on how the featured products can complement their lifestyle. Selling booths from brands such as Tatung, MSI, FECA, and Asus will be available, while generous discounts from brands like Kymco, MSI, Pacific, Tatung, Tern, and Thermaltake will be offered on-ground.

Don’t miss out on the latest gadgets, home appliances, fitness gear, and many other treats from Taiwan Excellence-approved brands and head to TriNoma on August 19 to 21!

About Taiwan Excellence
The symbol of Taiwan Excellence honors Taiwan’s most innovative products that provide tremendous value to users worldwide. All products carrying this symbol have been selected for specific Taiwan Excellence Awards based on their excellence in design, quality, marketing, Taiwanese R&D and manufacturing. Initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), R.O.C. in 1992, the symbol of Taiwan Excellence is recognized by 100 countries.

Organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), MOEA
The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), R.O.C. is responsible for implementing policies and regulations governing foreign trade and economic cooperation. Established in January 1969, the BOFT's role and position have been adjusted regularly to meet the needs of the ever changing international economic and trade environments. The BOFT has been guiding and working with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in numerous promotional trade projects and activities both internationally and domestically. Having worked closely with TAITRA for many decades, the BOFT continues to commission TAITRA for various critical government projects relating to business, trade and investment, while promoting Taiwan internationally.

Implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit, semi-governmental trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwanese businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets. TAITRA boasts a well-coordinated trade promotion and information network of over 1,200 international marketing specialists stationed throughout its Taipei headquarters and 50 overseas offices worldwide. Together with its sister organizations, the Taiwan Trade Center (TTC) and the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), TAITRA has created a wealth of trade opportunities through effective promotion strategies.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Not part of the (Suicide) Squad

halfwhiteboy joker suicide squad shirt 01

Love it or hate it, I thought Suicide Squad was good. I mean, it sure wasn't perfect but it certainly wasn't the godawful movie those glorified critics are trying to paint.

Anyhow, I got myself a Joker t-shirt that they were selling at the cinema. No offense to Jared Leto but this colorful, stylized skull face depiction of the character is way cooler than the other merchandise with his face on them. Paired it with black skinny jeans and some pinkish ombre boots, and I was good to go.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Classic khaki and blue

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 01

Aw, I look like such a good boy, don't I? Casually but presentably dressed, hair neatly in place, and a crooked smile.

halfwhiteboy khaki and blue 02

I don't really know how to smile in pictures. I mean, they almost always look uncomfortably forced. We were asked at work to submit new half-body photos for a redesigned company ID. A lot of us thought having our photos taken at a studio or somewhere was a hassle, so we took matters into our own hands and with nothing but a mirror-less camera and natural light from the window, did a session right at our office.

And yes, we had to smile.
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