Sunday, October 30, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Loki, period.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 01
Loki left Asgard for some drinks at the tavern.

And so what I've been waiting for all year has finally arrived: my favorite annual occasion, Halloween! Yes, I love it even more than Christmas. It must be the immense joy I find in dressing up in a costume, along with all the decorating that goes with it. I'm also lucky that our workplace embraces Halloween like no other, so putting on a costume is something I always look forward to.

It wasn't something I planned but, well, this year I was Loki.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Velvet and waffles

halfwhiteboy velvet suit and waffle sweater 01

No, this isn't something I'd just wear while walking along the streets of Metro Manila. Not in this heat, no. But in an air-conditioned office, yes, more so when it's gloomy or raining outside, in which case it becomes even colder.

I'm making a conscious effort to wear my suits more often--mostly dressed down, of course--and I thought it was time to bring out this reddish brown velvety suit once more.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

LOOKBOOK | A day for gray...and squeaky white shoes

halfwhiteboy gray suit and white sneakers 01

After my little foray into colorful outfits, here I am doing a full 180 with gray. But contrary to its association with dull, gloomy days, gray can also be interesting. For one it can serve as an ideal backdrop for some other colorful piece in your outfit, allowing that piece to shine while toning things down.

Another trick to keep gray interesting, be it an all-gray ensemble or a gray and white combo like my getup here, is patterns. My suit here, for instance, sports a rather subtle checkered pattern. It's understated enough that you'll probably won't notice it from afar but up close, that's where the appreciation begins.

DINING | Let's get messy at Mando's Wing Shack

mando's wingshack 01

It's no secret that the Poblacion area of Makati is fast becoming a foodie's haven, what with the steadily growing number of food haunts in this part of the city. While most of these restaurants are concentrated around the Burgos area, we're starting to see establishments spill over onto nearby locales.

One of these is Mando's Wing Shack, which popped up on a rather quiet residential area near the Makati City Hall. Because it's very near our place, I've been here three times already, so I decided to write about it.

Monday, October 3, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Coral on land

halfwhiteboy coral pants 01

Though I also dig black, neutrals, and darker hues, I'm not one to shy away from color either. I even have this thing for wearing colored pants for years now, and I don't care if it's pink. Yes, pink.

Guys wearing pink shirts may no longer be a novelty these days but guys wearing pink pants isn't all that common yet. I understand it takes guts to wear something as loud as this but you can always start with safer bets like dusty or muted pink trousers. You'll get used to it soon enough.

As for me, I'm going for coral, though.
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