Sunday, October 30, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Loki, period.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 01
Loki left Asgard for some drinks at the tavern.

And so what I've been waiting for all year has finally arrived: my favorite annual occasion, Halloween! Yes, I love it even more than Christmas. It must be the immense joy I find in dressing up in a costume, along with all the decorating that goes with it. I'm also lucky that our workplace embraces Halloween like no other, so putting on a costume is something I always look forward to.

It wasn't something I planned but, well, this year I was Loki.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 02
Ah, green. Loki must be a Slytherin.

For three years now I've had to conform to our department's theme, whereas I simply dressed up as I pleased before that. So I became Voldemort when we did a Hogwarts decor for Halloween and Luca, an octopus, when we begrudgingly decked our office for a Shark Tale Halloween theme (our HR designated movies on iflix as the overall theme and unfortunately after drawing lots, we got Shark Tale).

This year we were Norway, following an around the world motif from our HR. We designated a section for Norse mythology and despite keeping my mouth shut while our committee was assigning characters, it was inevitable that after Thor and Odin were cast, becoming Loki fell on me.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 03
Loki, the thinker?

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 04
Someone likened me to a giant grasshopper. I know, right?

Now just how do I become the god of mischief and trickery? We all know Marvel depicts the Norse gods differently from the mythology, but we thought we'd go for something that's more recognizable to kids and adults alike. So Tom Hiddleston's Loki it is, which means I had to shave (Dammit, I've been shaving for three straight Halloweens now!).

After a costume rental inquiry yielded negative for Loki, I had to improvise although I never planned on doing a full regalia. This isn't professional cosplay after all, just kid-friendly fun at the office. I was already resigned to just buying some green cloth to use as a cape and repurposing Maleficent's horns (they're Kwittiegirl's; she dressed up as Maleficent for Halloween two years ago). Of course the Disney villainess's horns were vastly different from Loki's but I didn't care, and I thought of simply covering them up in gold crepe paper, hoping people won't really notice.

But surprise, the helmet holding the horns won't fit my head and falls off at the slightest movement! So the day before the event I was forced to fashion horns out of cardboard. I didn't know how to do it but with some ideas from colleagues and my sudden, previously nonexistent tenacity with using cardboard, a pencil, a cutter, stapler, masking tape, glue gun, and spray paint, I did it. Sure, with staple wires and tape showing, it's far from being a polished work of art but aside from running out of time, I kind of wanted to make it obvious that it's a DIY.

I wore a black sweatshirt, black jeans, and black boots--my go-to base for a Halloween costume. But I had a problem putting on the cape because the fabric was quite heavy and voluminous. Well, I wanted some flair so I had to deal with the consequences. But with help from a colleague and a lot of safety pins, the cape stayed on. There was no time to perfect it as kids were already entering our office, so my gold-covered cardboard accessories kept on moving out of place. But what the heck.

So after my duties at Asgard were done, Loki went around.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 05
Me at my station. I didn't just hand out candies; they had to guess first which paper cup hid the treat.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 06
Sitting on Odin's throne after trick-or-treaters desecrated it.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 07
Chilling by the Yggdrasil, the tree of life that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 08
Left the heavens to check out Norway's frozen beauty of mountains, fjords, waterfalls, and lakes.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 09
Doing some touristy stuff checking out an ice cave.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 10
Onto open fields where kids practiced some archery and sword fighting.

halfwhiteboy halloween costume loki 11
So this is where Vikings hang out for some drinks.

Happy Halloween! What's your costume?

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