Monday, May 2, 2011

Cats in the house (at Princess of Coron)

Undesirable No. 1?

You think these poor kitty cats are locked up in some cage?

You think these cats are wallowing in misery, like this solitary one?

These are some of the cats at Princess of Coron, where we stayed for the first two nights of our Palawan vacation almost two weeks ago now. There's nothing to fret, though, as this lodge is definitely very animal-friendly. They've got three big dogs, a couple of birds, and yes, the cats.


See that blue-eyed cutie above? He's just one of seven cats living happily together in a huge cattery. It's just what I (and My Bibe) wanted to have when we get rich. This one had several mini-houses, logs and branches for climbing, couches, chairs, toys, a drinking station like you see below (plus a mini pool where they also drink), and everything conceivable that a cat might enjoy. It's not like some small cage but it's really, really huge.


We were headed out to find a place where we could eat when we saw the cats. Even when I was already famished, I didn't mind because they were just so adorable. There are affectionate ones, and of course there are also less affectionate felines. There were snobs and there was one that reminded us so much of Foreman, with his feisty attitude and tenacity in reaching for a dead leaf just outside the cattery. He's the cat from the very first photo.

If you want to see more of these cats and just how big this cattery really is, you can check out My Bibe's post here. Enjoy!

And by the way, we were also delighted to have met a number of cats at Maquinit Hot Springs!

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