Friday, May 6, 2011

Our cottage at Club Paradise: Nice and spacious

I mentioned in a previous post that after two nights in Coron town, My Bibe and I went to Club Paradise on Easter Sunday. We stayed there for another two nights at one of their twenty beachfront cottages along the resort's Sunset Beach, their main swimming area.

We were assigned cottage no. 17, which was quite a long walk from the restaurant. You see, the cottages are built not too close to each other. You can actually fit another cottage in between two cottages and still have some tiny space left in between, which is good as it affords guests more privacy and less disturbance from neighbors.

Here's a peek into our room:

It's a very spacious room with a queen-sized bed. Instead of side tables, there's a headboard where you can place your stuff like mobile phones and books.

The generosity of space isn't only expressed horizontally but vertically as well with a very high ceiling. The problem with this, however, is that it takes a long while before the air conditioning unit cools the room. And during the day, I don't think it manages to do so at all. But I've seen other cottages with window type ACs (ours was a wall-mount type), which may work better.

There are also chairs and a coffee table. I'm highlighting in this photo the space between the chairs and the bed. I think this is where they put an extra bed for a third person in the room.

And there's still more space between the foot of the bed and the wall. To the left is the dresser and open closet. The bathroom is on the right. See me in the photo taking this photo?

The dresser.

Space for your luggage. Their hangers are made of rattan.

I don't like the bathroom very much. All the green is not appealing to me at all. And they have this weird way of opening the faucet: you have to twist then pull it. Oh, and the water's a bit salty, as is expected from a small island.

Orange towels! Not white, not blue, but orange! I say it's a welcome change for me.

The cottage has a porch and a hammock. Just nice.

And more chairs and a table. There are also two cushions behind them that are intended for your sun beds.

Our cottage from outside.

Noticed something? There's no TV. But what good is a vacation if you're just gonna spend it inside your room watching TV? But if you really want to watch TV, there's one at the club house. And one more thing, there's no internet on the island. But I guess they have one in their office or something. Besides, just like with the TV, staying in this resort means escaping from it all. Well, almost. Mobile phone signal's pretty good here.

There are also other beachside cottages on Club Paradise's Sunrise Beach. There are also sea view rooms, garden view rooms, and more. But save for the long walk, I'm happy with the accommodation that we chose. I'd still book a beachside cottage if ever we come back. I just have to request for one that's much nearer to the restaurant if that's possible.

For more information about Club Paradise, go to When booking, though, try asking if they have special rates for local residents. We availed of their Sariling Atin package that's way cheaper than their published rates.


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