Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GQ July 2011: The case of the interviewer lost in the interview

I got my July GQ last week while at the airport in Hong Kong. Back here in the Philippines, it usually is not available until the last week of the month.


So Chris Evans of Fantastic Four fame, and now Captain America, graces the cover. The photos inside were great, courtesy of Mario Testino. I loved his use of light in that shoot. The article, however, was a disgrace in my opinion. The writer, Edith Zimmerman, who was supposed to profile the actor, basically wrote all about herself and her flirtatious time with Mr. Evans instead. Seriously, the article was all about her. She was like this teenager gushing and acting so irresponsibly, getting wasted and sleeping over at Chris's house.

I don't want to sound sexist or something, but this is the problem when GQ sends its female staff writers to "interview" male stars. There hardly is any interview at all because they're starstruck or are just head over heels for their subject. Send your men instead for a more worthwhile article.

Moving on with what else is in the issue, I enjoyed the article on Michael Bay being "The Most Explosive Director of All Time." Whatever you have to say about the guy or about his popcorn flicks, Bay delivers the goods -- and lots of explosions. I also liked the beach wear feature with Joe Manganiello shot in Santorini. Those swim shorts are really nice. I still have to read through that Japan earthquake-tsunami article, though, that I'm sure would be great.

Now on with the reading.

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