Thursday, July 7, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, July 7, 2011

I sort of "cheated" today. I wore jeans to work when it isn't a Friday. The thing is, no one noticed. I tried analyzing why, though.

I think, for one, it's because of the color. Despite the plethora of colored jeans out there, to most people jeans are still either blue or black only. Second, it's the coated type so there's some sheen to it, which is more common with dress pants than in jeans. Third, I consciously dressed it up with a nice jacket to somehow divert attention away from the jeans or at least neutralize it. And then there are the dress shoes. Can't get any more formal than leather lace-ups. Lastly, I think it's because it's me. Yes, me. Few, maybe even no one, would associate me with breaking our office dress code. I've earned it, I guess.


I got the jeans from Zara sometime last year. I actually got the idea of braving a Thursday in them from the Yorkers jacket, which I got from ebay. I noticed there were maroon checks in the fabric and then bam! The pullover I wore underneath it is U2, and the shoes are from Aldo.


I would probably do this again, the jeans thing. I could dress it up even more with a tie next time. Let's see.


  1. Why does everyone owns a pair of red pants except me? :( I only have red your outfit nonetheless! :)

  2. You look wonderful.


  3. im loving all your looks there well put together :)

  4. thank you for all the comments, guys!

    @liam - get a pair now while summer's still out!

    @igor & @samisoni - followed your blogs on bloglovin' already. had a peek but i'm gonna check them out some more when i get home.


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