Pottermore bummer

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Yes, I finally received my much-awaited Pottermore email in the wee hours of Sunday. I was about to go to bed then but I resisted the urge to log in, else I wouldn't stop browsing. So I succeeded and only checked the site late this afternoon after finishing all the chores that I'm supposed to do.

Pottermore lets you go through Harry Potter's seven-year journey once more but with dozes of new information this time around. So far into my foray, I especially loved the backstory about the Dursleys, Petunia and her sister Lily (Harry's mom). There are comments sections available, and much like Facebook, you can add friends. A couple of members, me included, have voiced suggestions for background music and sound effects. But I don't really know how that will pan out considering the site is already heavy on graphics and animation.

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I understand that Pottermore is still very much a Beta site, which is why there are some -- well, a lot -- of components that are locked. Looking at the screenshot above, you'll get what I mean. But my first session ended up rather abruptly. I was stuck in Chapter 5 while in Diagon Alley because the next section was locked. Unfortunately you can't jump to any point you wish as you need to go through the whole journey.

I couldn't Join Harry and Hagrid to Gringotts, and I still haven't got my wand! Moreover, I couldn't get myself sorted, which I am most anxious about because I so want to be in Slytherin. The sorting process scares me but I just want to get over and be done with it.

Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 9.55.22 PM.png

What a bummer! Just have to check again tomorrow, I guess.


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