Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'The Other Asian' on GQ

Harry Shum Jr., the guy who used to be referred to only as "the other Asian" on Glee, is modeling some winter fashion on GQ's November 2011 issue. He's someone I really admire for his dance moves on the show -- the man with no bones, as the magazine puts it. And I'm glad that, even inch by inch, he's finally stepping into the spotlight.


On with the clothes, I'm loving what the magazine has chosen for the shoot. I can't really relate to the coats and all that wool stuff because we don't have winter here so I'm connecting more with the vests and the socks, especially how they're mixed in a way I never would have probably thought of. This shoot has definitely a lot to offer for inspiration.

Photos from GQ.com

You can find GQ's short but sweet interview with Harry Shum Jr. here.
For the full slideshow, click here.


  1. I also am loving these. Especially the pullover in the first photo

  2. Exactly! It's a Hilfiger, I think.


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