Friday, October 28, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, October 28, 2011


Cobwebs galore! Halloween was definitely in full swing today at the office. Nearly every floor in the building was decked in everything from Harry Potter, Angry Birds, stuff from cartoons, to your classic spooky stuff. I don't know if anyone was able to work at all. As for our department, we were pretty much boring and uninspired ever since we moved to the old tower (all the action practically happens in Tower 2). We just put up a couple of spider lanterns, masks and the cliched cobwebs -- and that was it.

Three years ago I was The Joker (see here). Today I was Dr. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory.

sheldon 01

So here I was with the obligatory Justic League character t-shirt worn over a pullover, replete with plaid pants, argyle socks, and sneakers. This is not what I really wanted but hey, I couldn't find a Flash tee and I know that this Green Lantern one I'm wearing is far from ideal either. Yes, the green's quite off but I had to settle for it. The pants aren't also the right fit because the checked trousers I have don't fit me anymore (too late), so another compromise.


At least I got to sit on Sheldon's spot on the couch. What deficiencies I have with the outfit, I made up for with attitude, embodying the character and all his eccentricities, including this Spock thing:

sheldon 03

The Darth Vader choke:


And even his Mr. Bean-esque "smile:"

sheldon 02

Live long and prosper! Of course I had to do the Vulcan salute, too. Just don't mind the spider; I made him look like a poodle with the lumped faux cobweb on his head.


Geez! Why do we have all these cobwebs? In character, I actually threw the question at my colleagues. Is it supposed to be spooky or is it just a pointless celebration of man's filthiness and inability to clean his abode? Nobody wanted to talk to me anymore.


Then it dawned on me that because we had four oversized spiders in the office, logic dictates that because spiders are expected to produce webs, the office premises should likewise be filled with cobwebs. That's very Sheldon of me!


It was such a fun vibe permeating the workplace today. Heck, even one of our cafeterias chimed in as well! They've put someone inside a non-working fridge that they've positioned by the entrance, and beside it was a makeshift giant jar with again, someone inside it. In all fairness, they've managed to pull off a few scares while we were there.


I wasn't Sheldon every minute of the day, though. I conveniently slipped back to my old goofy self every once in a while. Here's me with some bread stick snacks for fangs:


Do vampires all have perfect fangs?


Green Lantern tee (SM Department Store); red pullover (Topman); plaid pants (People R People); argyle socks (SM); sneakers (Zara).

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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  2. woow green lanthern Tshirt right? ... but a vampire also??...

  3. very very cool! Thanks for the comment and sorry for delay! I'm following, follow me :D



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