Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, November 10, 2011


I realized that today is my dad's birthday. I don't really know where he is right now; perhaps somewhere in Copenhagen. I don't have any communication with him and I haven't seen him since I was, like, seven or eight.  After my parents's divorce, my single piece of communication with my dad was a letter from him back when I was a freshman in college (I wrote him first). I still remember how I felt then. But when I wrote back, with high hopes of reconnecting with him, I never got an answer. I guess that was it.

In retrospect, I did miss a lot growing up without my dad. Too bad because I look very much like him. Show anyone his photo and he or she will tell you that I'm his spitting image. I kid you not. But you know what, I've been procrastinating for so long already and I need to strike another attempt at reconnecting with him. He's in his sixties and I'm not getting any younger either. Dammit, I almost died in 2007! Life is short. If I need to do something, I have to do it now.


For today's outfit, I went for a brown and gray combo. Pullover (Giordano); blazer (Topman); pants (MBK, Bangkok); shoes (Zara).

Happy birthday to you, Daddy!


  1. I hope that meet with him!!
    I liked his site!

    Visit my site!

  2. Very cool! Your blazer is awesome:)



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