Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Project Look Book] Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This was yesterday's outfit. Apart from a busy day at work yesterday (Why do I always feel harassed the day before I go on leave for a vacation?), My Bibe's really sick and she's got me worried. We're already in Cebu right now to visit my mom and sister but My Bibe's still sick, so I really couldn't enjoy this trip. I just hopes she gets better by tomorrow.

Anyhow, after black and brown last Monday, it's black and blue for Tuesday. The blue isn't jeans, though, and no, I wasn't trying to pull off a Steve Jobs. I was just a bit lazy, that's why. Good thing I had this jacket on hand to break the walking boredom that is my outfit.


Turtleneck (Onesimus); pants (Sahara at SM Department Store); blazer (Topman); shoes (Frank at Traffic).

Get well, Bibe.


  1. I love how you play with colors,
    the jacket is amazing!

    Greetings and good day

  2. Hope your Bebe is feeling better. For an outfit on the go, this is great


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