Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[Lookbook 01.10.2012] Having fun with a DB jacket

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Wow, do I look so composed and formal having decided on wearing a double-breasted jacket today! But if the absence of a tie is any indication, then things aren't always as they seem.


See what I mean? Yes, green pants! A double-breasted jacket is definitely more fun with green pants. And it's not olive or any similarly darker shade, it's bold and bright! How about that?


I've had this DB pinstripe jacket for quite some time now but I never got to wear it until now. For one, people here in our workplace don't really wear suits or even ties for that matter. So a DB jacket is definitely way too formal here even if my colleagues are somehow used to seeing me dress in a more "corporate" fashion.

But because I really wanted to wear it, I decided on dressing it down and have fun with it. Apart from the shocking green pants, I ditched the tie but I made sure my shirt's collar wasn't floppy so it doesn't disappear under the jacket. Brown leather lace-ups to complete the look.


Definitely more fun, right?
Double-breasted jacket (from Ebay); shirt (Celio); green pants (H&M); shoes (Aldo); watch (SM Department Store).


  1. That jacket is great and green pants - very brave ;)

  2. Great Picture Boy!!!!!

    Besos Chipless by Mr. Vuitton Boy


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