Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Lookbook 01.31.2012] French cuffs for the non-French


New Year's seemed not too long ago yet here we are, down with the first month of the year already. And I'm in a rather formal mood for a sendoff to January. It's the french cuffs. I don't see a lot of shirts with such cuffs, at least among those that I can easily afford (Thankfully, I found this Rajo Laurel for Wharton piece!). It can get really frustrating because almost everything has buttons.


It could be just me but there's always that dignified feel with french cuffs. I think it's because it leaves a man room for one more set of jewelry or accessories -- cufflinks. Common, men don't really have that liberty of accessorizing as women do when it comes to most classic menswear. If you're in a suit and tie combo, what can you wear? Probably a watch, a bracelet, a ring and a tie bar (and a collar pin if your collar permits). A necklace will, of course, be out of the equation. But wearing a shirt with french cuffs lets you enjoy just one more.


Here I opted for cufflinks covered in some patterned red-blue-and-black fabric (don't have a close-up shot, though). Goes well with my burgundy bow tie. I preferred it over something in blue (at least today) because my shirt already had lots of blue. Then pinstripes and brown leather to cap off the look.


I wish brands would make more of these shirts.


Shirt with french cuffs and undersized collar (Rajo Laurel for Wharton, SM Department Store); pinstripe pants (Topman); bow tie (Tieline/Merger); cufflinks (Mundo, The Ramp); watch and belt (SM Dept. Store); shoes (Aldo).


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